Lockdown 6782.1

We have had a rough time here in Melbourne.

I haven’t been further than 5km from my house since I last blogged, two months ago.

New cases are down to 20-40/day now, but they are not planning on significantly reducing restrictions until we get down to average FIVE cases per day, and not before the end of October.

At least since this week they increased our outdoors time to 2 hours. And we are allowed to meet one local person outside, and not have to exercise, but that’s about it. Still can’t go to Costco. Poor Jemma can’t even go to Aldi.

We haven’t seen Scott’s family since July. (I have given up hope of seeing my family until 2040).

This plan is strict, and it’d be nice if it worked and we get to have a normal life after getting through this hard period, but I am not very optimistic that it won’t just come back again. And if it’s not going to last should we really be this strict now? I don’t know. I’m happy we’re safe and there have been very few deaths but also this is crazy, especially compared to other countries. It’s all very confusing.

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