Margarita Maturday

Well that sucks. Some company has bought so I guess even if I did want it back I can’t have it. Hopefully most of my old readers have switched over to this site anyway by now.

We made margaritas last night. It seemed like a good way to use up the cheap tequila someone left at our house a while ago. They were yummy and much better than drinking pop, which I seem to have lost the taste for.

I did my shift at the Open House yesterday. Before I went I was worried that people were going to ask me hard questions that I wouldn’t be able to answer, but actually once I was there I really wished people would ask ANYTHING AT ALL instead of just staring at us. It was awkward. Lesley and I ran a little booth where we had a Geiger-Muller counter and a tripad with two drops of hidden radioactivity that people could try and find.

It wasn’t very busy so instead I just ate all the treats they had got to bribe us into volunteering, and chatted with the second years and teachers, which was good. I finally found out for sure that yes we will be working full time, 5 days a week over the summer.

Well I should get back to work on my essay now. Need to get some more work done before our epic 1+ hour bus ride to my grandmas’ nieces’ cousins’ daughters’ moms’ (ok I exaggerate slightly) house for dinner tonight.


  1. Companies do that all the time. Jerks. Your margaritas look awesome, I love the straws! They’re the same as the ones we get at the bubble tea store.

    1. yep, i kept my straws from a couple bubble tea drinks because i keep meaning to try and make it at home!! they sell the pearls at the asian grocery store but i just…. haven’t done it….. oops

    1. i think they were a little more yellow-green in real life. still learning this new camera. mmm i could go for another margarita right now…

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