My Science Report

Aim: To see what happens when I take a week off from weightlifting.

Hypothesis: I will feel good and great and fully recovered. I will get a lot of stuff done with all my extra free time.

Materials: Myself.

Method: I did not go to training like usual on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night. I walked to and from work every day instead of taking the tram sometimes (10 x 2km). I did some rehab and recovery work at home that did not require any equipment.

Results: Back feels great! Right shoulder still feels off. Calves are like rocks. Had difficulty falling asleep. Finished one crochet shopping bag and half of a pillow.

Discussion: Whilst my back feels better than usual, I still don’t feel 100% due to funny shoulder and worse than usual calf tightness. Maybe my shoulder pain is from something else? I found it harder to fall asleep due to excess energy, and I felt no sense of schedule or structure with my week. What day is it again? I did get a lot of crochet done but other than that I don’t feel like I was significantly more productive than any other week, I just wasted more time. I feel a bit lonely because I didn’t see my training partners as well.

Conclusion: I should just keep training. I think that the overall net result of weightlifting is still positive.


  1. What about thinking about resting like 1x a week for two weeks every once in a while. That way you still have routine, see friends etc but still have 66% more rest.

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