Our New Apartment

If you don’t count the patio our new apartment is smaller than our old apartment, but if you DO count the patio it’s much bigger. We don’t mind the reduced space inside because everything is so much nicer than our old place. I took a few pictures to give you a little tour…

^ The patio is north facing and gets a lot of light in the morning. Our (teeny tiny) plants are thriving! We have no neighbours on the left side yet. Plenty of room for a tent for Rosemarie. :D Still need a BBQ.

^ The living room. We haven’t hung up any of our art yet. I’m scared to put holes into the brand new walls!!

^ Dining… area? I definitely need to clean off that table!! Oops. I think I’m going to put up those three geometric paintings I had above my desk at the old place above the table.

^ The kitchen and pantry. Note the dishwasher!! What a luxury!! We put a desk into the pantry so that if I need to study or Scott needs to do some work we can have a quiet space. We also have lots of shelves for extra food and kitchen stuff that doesn’t fit in the kitchen cupboards, as they are quite small.

^ Bathroom. I haven’t taken a bath yet but I should because the tub is super deep!

^ The bedroom. This is the biggest change from our old apartment. Bye bye big room with big walk in closet. Now the competition for closet space is tougher. I am still winning. :D

Well that’s it! Now you’ve pretty much seen the whole place except for a few cupboards, haha. We’ve been here a couple weeks now and we love it. I’m so grateful that we get to live here. I better get a job in September though otherwise we won’t be doing much else except hanging out here though…


    1. the whole outside wall is floor to ceiling windows. :) yeah we barely even have to turn on lamps now that it’s the long summer days.

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