Outdoor Rock Climbing in Squamish, British Columbia

What a wonderful weekend. Friday afternoon/evening we had my class party and went downtown. I’ll write about that some other time. Saturday morning Scott and I drove up to Squamish in our rental car, and arrived at Murrin Provincial Park just in time for a wicked BBQ, which I will also write about in another post.

I have never been outdoor rock climbing before so everything was new. I was worried I was going to be as horrible at climbing as I was at Christmas when Rose took me in Ottawa, but either it was easier, or I was better, because I did actually make it to the top of three different walls. GO ME!

We did a few climbs at one area, then moved to a much farther away area, then camped overnight at a free camping spot north of Squamish, and then played on another mountain (Cheakamus) on Sunday morning before driving back on Sunday afternoon to clean up our pig-sty apartment and prepare for first day of work/Edmonton.

Rose being a belay slave. There were a bunch of n00bs so her and Rob did A LOT of belaying for us. THANKS GUYS.

Scott climbing a crack. He’s kind of scared of heights so that was kind of a major accomplishment. He did good this weekend. He climbed to the top of three or four walls!!

Me climbing.

That little kid is only 6 years old! She has been climbing since she was 3. O_O

More me climbing.

Scott looks funny.

Rose and Rob both up on the wall. Rob’s leg looks deformed!!!!

OK so I’m still not very good at climbing. At this point I didn’t know what to do so I just heaved myself on to this ledge bit and was now lying on my stomach. SMOOTH MOVES KATRINA.

Jen and I sitting around at the bottom resting and psyching ourselves up for the next climb.

Some spectacular views this weekend.

Rob’s friend Dustin hiked up this big hill and got soooo high up!! You can just barely make him out, he’s that tiny speck at the top!

This is the picture that Dustin took of us. You can see Scott standing at the top. Rose and Rob climbed this wall, and Scott and I hiked up. SO HIGH!!

They sure look relaxed for being that high up in the air suspended by a couple ropes.

Rose let me take her harness so I could rappel down. She’s so nice. This picture is her teaching me how to use the rappel thingy.

The worst part of it was moving from sitting on the rock above the anchor to hanging below it. Very awkward.

Rappeling is a way better way of getting down!!

Oh yeah, good place to relax. Woooo BC!

Ah, and if that was not enough pictures to satisfy you, you can see more in my Facebook album! Click HERE for that.

I still don’t feel the OH MY GOD I LOVE ROCK CLIMBING feeling, but I definitely did see the appeal more this time than last. I think I still would prefer to hurl myself DOWN things to get my thrills.

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