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I had an epic weekend!! So much fun. I can’t wait to blog about it all but I took over 200 hundred pictures and that is going to take another day to sort out, and I’m gonna have to split it up into a couple posts.

For now I can tell you that my first day of work was good! We got a big tour of the department, met lots of people, saw a bunch of patients, and got introduced to the fifty million programs they use on the computers. We spend two weeks on each on a different camera, shadowing whoever is scheduled to work on that camera. We had a bit of extra time today so I got to have a bone scan (no injection obviously). That might seem a bit silly but it was interesting to see how the patients might feel when they come in and hear all the strange noises and get a big block camera put 1 cm away from the tip of their nose by a total stranger.

Okeedoke. All for now, I want to go to bed early tonight. More tomorrow!!

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