Pre-Thanksgiving Post

I am excited! Since a lot of our friends here are not actually from Vancouver and won’t be going home for Thanksgiving we decided to have a potluck Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I think 11 people are coming! I am making a turkey (with bacon!) and everyone else is bringing other bits and pieces. Mmmmm it’s going to be goooood.

It’s my first time making a turkey but we bought one of those oven bag thingies so I think it’ll be pretty easy.

Lauren has been staying with us this weekend. Yesterday we went to the Vancouver Aquarium, which was awesome. I liked the dolphin that kept spitting his food into the air and catching it, and the otter that was doing some kind of backwards wavy swimming.

They also had a sloth!

We also went out for sushi for dinner (ironic?) and then to a friends goodbye party. All in all a very fun day.

Party-times today and then tomorrow I have to do mega homework. Boooooooooooooooo.

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