2014 was pretty great. I did a fair bit of travelling (Ottawa/Calgary/Portland/Listowel/Nanaimo/Osoyoos). I dyed my hair purple. I finally graduated skeleton school and started training with the BC team. I got to attend CanAm week in Calgary, moved up to corner 3 in Whistler, fell off my sled, did 2 180’s, raced in several races and attended summer dry land testing too. I got to ski a few times, started weightlifting lessons and doing yoga. I worked a lot, and started monthly games days with some work friends. I ate a lot, lots of Tasting Plates events, offal at Black Hoof twice, life-changing ice cream, and even attended a food bloggers conference. I gave up sugar for 3 months. Oh and I also did a buttload of crochet and cross stitching.

2015 hasn’t been that great so far… broken fridge/sickness/I think I need glasses… but I’m sure it will improve.

My goals:

  • get way stronger
  • slide from the top of Whistler
  • improve my blog
  • finish my blanket
  • handstands
  • be nicer to Scott

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