Richmond Night Market

richmond night market

richmond night market

We had a great time at the Richmond Night Market last night with Zsofi and Dylan. It was raining very hard for most of the day, but it let up around 9 PM so the market was not very busy at all and we stayed dry, which was nice. Some of the stalls were closed though, but we definitely still found lots of tasty food to try!

Asian hamburger. Spicy and really yum!

BBQ squid. We didn’t like this that much. It was pretty rubbery, and very smokey. It was also extremely difficult to eat. We ended up tossing the last bit of it.

Scott ordered this Japanese pizza by mistake. He actually meant to order a burger that had yam fries on it. This thing was interesting… it was mostly made of lettuce, and had a lot of bacon and fish flakes on it.

I don’t know what fish flakes are….

We got a strawberry lemonade to cut the oil and wash the food down. The lemonade was very sweet, which I don’t really like… I want my lemonade to be SOUR.

Rotato. This stand was the busiest stand all night. Rightly so, the potato was warm and crispy and delicious. They covered it in sour cream and onion flavour powder.

We were sad that this stall was closed. :(

Japanese crêpes cheered Scott right back up! We got a crêpe with strawberries and vanilla ice cream and a little nutella. SUPER YUM.

Sugar coated fruit. They were selling them for a discounted price so we got one stick. They look pretty cool but I couldn’t bite into it. And then when I finally did get a bite it tasted gross. Like burnt sugar. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

All in all, a good night. We spent about $25 on food and admission ($1.50/person) for Scott and I. Most of the food was about $4. I would definitely not get some of the same stuff again (the squid and the strawberries). I want to go back and try some of the other stuff that we missed such as the mango rice tapioca bowl thingies, the rice burger, the burger with yam fries on it, bubble waffles, and maybe deep fried cheesecake (!!!). I saw a bunch of my classmates this afternoon for bubble tea and we decided we’ll plan to go back next Friday, so I will have another chance to eat at the Richmond Night Market soon!

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