1. I forget if I mentioned it already or not, but I joined a spartan barbell weightlifting gym and have been going to lessons every week. It’s been super fun!! The coach is helping me re-learn how to squat and deadlift properly, and slowly teaching me the Olympic lifts (snatch, and clean & jerk). The Oly lifts are very complex lifts and even though it’s been a month I’ve still only snatched the 20 lbs bar, and I haven’t even cleaned anything. Last week I learned how to jerk (hehe). I jerked the 30 lbs bar, woop woop.

2. I finally got trained out at the UBC nuc med department and have been working out there a bunch lately. It’s very different than VGH, so quiet and lonely. Only two techs there, with two cameras, although one camera is old and doesn’t get used that much. It’s good to have another site where I can potentially get shifts though. But from 2:30-4:00 I pretty much just stare at the printer in fear that it’s going to print out a suprise last minute requisition.

3. I applied for a PET job at the BC Cancer Agency, had an interview, got asked for references, got a call back…. and then didn’t get the job. Bummer. I really thought I got the job for a while. Maybe it’s for the best though because I am still getting lots of shifts at VGH, and it’s already going to be a busy winter. I always think I’m not going to work a lot, and then end up working almost every day. Hopefully I am fine without PET.

4. This is week 7 of no sugar or simple carbs. I feel good, more stable, less crazy cravings for sugar first thing in the morning. I’ve lost 10 lbs, and Scott’s lost like twice that. However I also feel weaker while exercising, which isn’t ideal. I want to quit the diet so I can get stronger, but the weight loss is addicting tbh. Just 5 more lbs?? One more week?? I don’t know. I think even if I do start eating sugar again, it’s not going to be a lot. Maybe just low GI foods, like a pre-diabetic diet.

Anyway it’s a beautiful blustery fall day today and we’re going to watch the Ottawa vs. Vancouver hockey game tonight. The tradition continues.


  1. I want to know more about the no sugar diet!! Wow so much weight loss! I’ve really been wanting to try going off sugar but have decided that it’s next to impossible here.. still would like to at least begin to reduce the amount in my diet… do you have tips? Did you just figure things out on your own or is there some sort of guide online/website that you followed (like for recipes, meal ideas, how to tell what has sugar when it’s not obvious)? Did you start gradually or cold turkey? And you’re off simple carbs too? Have you been doing that the whole time or have you gradually been cutting things out? Sorry about all the questions! I’m really looking forward to going off sugar so I’m very curious about it!

    1. so many questions!! lolol.

      we went cold turkey. i used myfitnesspal to track my macros at the beginning, but stopped doing that after a week or two because it’s a pain and also i don’t want to be that strict. we tried to stay below 20 grams of carbs a day at the beginning to learn the habits fast. although i don’t track it and i don’t care about the odd rando carb here or there anymore. i am debating reintroducing fruit at the moment. whenever i have questions i just google whatever it is plus “keto”, which is all about super low carbs. reddit has a keto group which is useful. this page in particular has lots of meal ideas: mostly you just eat a lot of cheese and meat and vegetables. and you have to read the labels on EVERYTHING because there is sugar in a lot of random food!

  2. (Sorry if I reply twice, I don’t think it sent.)
    Thank you for the info!!! I know, urghhh sugar is in EVERYthing! :(
    Meat, veg and cheese doesn’t sound *too* bad… but I think going off fruit will be the hardest part for me!
    Thanks for answering my crazy amount of questions hehe.

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