Shrimp Sushi Helmet

Rosemarie gave me a fun project to work on this week. She bought a white rock climbing helmet last week and wanted me to paint something on it. She decided that she wanted it to be a big piece of shrimp sushi.

I ended up using Sharpies because the texture of the helmet (matte, not shiny) seemed like it would well with markers, and I had a surprising number of pink and orange markers already.

I like the back a lot.

It was kind of a fun challenge to work in 3D. I was able to blend the colours a bit, because of the plastic-y surface. It’s dried up nice but I’m not entirely sure what will happen if/when it gets wet. I sprayed it with Scotchgard, but I don’t know how that will work since that is for fabric, not helmets. Fingers crossed!

I’ll have to get her to send me some pictures with the shrimp sushi helmet in action!


  1. you could try sealing it with the krylon outdoor spray paint. I seal my plastic painted things with that sort of stuff.

      1. ooh, where can you get that? there is a very small scratch in it from sunday but i don’t want it to get scratched or smear any bit more!

        i already received one impromptu compliment from a stranger on the bus haha

  2. I like how the writing and designs on the helmet are wasabi-coloured!!
    Nice job :) I’ll have to think of a sushi craft I can hire you for.

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