Sleep Issues

So I went from not sleeping at all to sleeping A LOT. Last week I went to the doc again and he prescribed me some drugs to help me fall asleep, since melatonin wasn’t working. No, not sleeping pills– there is no way I would agree to that! Apparently a very low dose of an anti-depressant (like a 7% dose) helps with insomnia. Well I’ve been taking it for a little over a week now and I feel a lot better! I fall asleep quicker and I don’t wake up as much. My energy is back up and I just feel a lot better physically and mentally.

The only problem now is that it seems to be really easy to sleep in. Fine now since I’m on holiday but getting back in to the school schedule is going to hurt for a while. Hopefully once I’m back on a regular schedule I’ll be able to do it all: sleep and live life.

I can’t believe I’m finally starting school tomorrow. After two years of applying I am finally about to start! Amazing. Two years and I’ll be a nuclear medicine technologist. Another one or two after that I could be an MRI technologist!

Which may actually happen, since apparently citizenship applications take about 15 months to get approved. (3 years residence + 15 months application times = staying here a while). Hopefully we have enough money to send Scott home to see his family a few times.

I am spending today fixing Rosemarie’s computer, working on my last painting, doing back to school type chores, and relaxing. We didn’t do too much this holiday weekend but that’s ok. We’re off to Seattle next weekend and then I’ll be deep into school stuff so I will just cherish this free time now.

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