First Day of School

I survived my first day of school. After nearly 4.5 years off, I realized last night. Wow.

Today was orientation. We listened to a welcome speech and a seriously unfunny comedian. That was awkward. Then they split us off into our programs and we met our profs and got some more info, but it was mostly boring stuff like not to cheat and not to be a jerk and other obvious things like that. My program has 16 people. I think I am one of the oldest and pretty sure I’m the only married person. Everyone was pretty shy (inluding me!) and scared (24 hours of lectures + 6 hours of labs a week!!!!).

A guy came to take us on a campus tour, which would have been good if I could figure out which direction we were facing at the start. It was concrete in all directions!! Very confusing. Luckily all of us have the exact same class schedule so really only one of us needs to memorize it and where our classes are, haha.

The tour guide dropped us off in the GREAT HALL where they had all sorts of booths with semi-useful stuff. Best part: free popcorn. Really delicious popcorn actually. I am attending every event from now on that advertises free popcorn!!! I also got some info about the health plan and something called Harvest Box (cheap veg) and free dental cleanings and stuff.

It’s kind of funny how BCIT uses students in different areas of the school. The IT desk is full of IT students. You can get cheap massages and free dental cleanings. Media made by media students. I bet you could get your car fixed for cheap.

See, they should have picked me to be the BCIT Health Science blogger: my first day and I’ve already done a post. FOR FREE. Grrr.

Yippee, two hours of radiopharmaceuticals lab and two hours of anatomy and physiology lecture tomorrow!

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