Summer Night Market

Last night Rosemarie and I went to the other night market in Richmond with a few of my classmates. It is called the Summer Night Market, not to be confused with the Richmond Night Market that is in the summer. To make it even worse one moved in to the location where the other one used to be up until this year, and also one used to be the only one but then shut down and only re-opened this year. It’s all very confusing and I wouldn’t be surprised if people end up going to the wrong one by accident.

Anyway they are both really similar but the Summer Night Market doesn’t have an admission fee, plus the food is a little cheaper. BUT there are less food booths. BUT there are more shops. So… I don’t know which is better.

Hurricane potatoes were only $2! We had parmesan and garlic flavour. Rosemarie REALLY liked it!! (So did I.)

Papaya salad. I looooove papaya salad from Thai restaurants so I was pretty pumped to se this being sold. It was pretty tasty but not as good as I hoped. $4 (was supposed to be $5 but I bargained.)

Waffle fish thingy filled with custard. $1. This thing was really good!! But it was sooooo hot we didn’t really enjoy it to its maximum potential.

She looks happy there but that was before she got to the burning hot lava centre.

Pork siu mai on a stick! A lot of the market food was on a stick. Good for eating while walking around! These were decent. $3.50

Can you tell what this is?? When Rose saw this her eyes lit up and she said she HAD TO HAVE IT.

A hot dog covered in sweet potato fries. Bahahahaha. It was pretty weird. I didn’t mind the one bite I snagged, but I would never buy one just for myself.

We also shopped around in the non-food area. I got a new little dangly thingy for my phone. We tried to convince each other into buying lip tattoos…

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