The Eatery Sushi


Last night Scott and I went out with Carleigh for a nice dinner at The Eatery. The place had a lot of unusual sushi, including a lot of vegetarian choices, and lots of crazy giant paper mache decorations hanging from the ceiling. It was awesome.

Scott and I shared tempura veggies, which were gigantic and good, except for the yam that was still kind of raw.

Scott had two rolls:

  • buddha roll – tempura yams, red pepper, asparagus and lettuce, with dragon sauce
  • the moby – shitake mushrooms and kombu, soy sauce, avocado, sesame seeds

And I had:

  • jalapeno popper – smoked salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno – tempura style
  • godzilla – crab crunch topped with avocado and eel

And we shared:

  • mango paradise – avocado, cucumber, mango and agge

I also had a strawberry sake margarita, which was delicious! And much needed because my jalapeno sushi was incredibly spicy. SOOOOO SPICY. They left all the seeds in part of the jalapeno. I was sweating and my mouth was ON FIRE.

All in all, very tasty. Not the cheapest of dinners out, but it definitely was something special. No pictures because it was very dark inside.

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