Two Days To Go

Monday now and I am finally feeling better!

The past few days have been pretty rough in the digesting department.

Today was very good though and I got a lot done. Just two days until we get married and I think everything is under control now for Wednesday and the parties on Saturday. Got both the cakes sorted, my outfit is ready, hair is behaving. I even booked a makeup appointment! We even were given a night in a really nice hotel for this Saturday.

Doesn’t look like web broadcasting is very feasible, but we will definitely have lots of pictures and I’ll post them as soon as possible. Our friend Rhiannon is photographing for us. Also, if you want to talk on the phone, I can use my Skype credit to call you, or you can call us at any time (although day-time is much preferred!) My phone number is +61 435 297 755. We usually find that your late night-my early morning works best, or vice versa.

I can’t really think what else to write about right now. I’m very excited and only nervous about turning too red in front of everyone!!

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  1. I am super excited for you and just remember, at least it isn’t hundreds of people watching you, just a few important ones. I am planning to go to BC in October around thanksgiving so hopefully I can see you and meet scott. I could probably also bring some small stuff from your dad’s home out to you if you needed.

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