Venipuncture, and Cousins (Not Together)

School has been pretty crazy for the last little while, which is why I haven’t been posting as often. We just have so many midterms I am constantly studying for something.

Hockey is distracting, especially since Sens games start at 4 PM. Usually I get most of my work done between 4 and 7 PM! Yesterday was good wasn’t it, Sens and Canucks win!

We did venipuncture again today at school. Two pokes each, once with a regular needle and once with a butterfly needle. I did pretty poorly on my first one, to be honest. I didn’t have the cotton swabs close enough to me and I got really flustered while I tried to reach them and forgot about releasing the tourniquet and stuff. Poor Lesley. The second one went a lot better. I wish we could practice more often than once a semester, because it sure is going to be scary with our first patients!! I took a tourniquet home to practice with because I often get my gloves pinched in it and that would probably not instill confidence in a patient. :/

Heh wordpress doesn’t like the work “venipuncture” or “instill”. I am spelling them correctly I think??

Last weekend Scott, Rosemarie and I had dinner with our first cousin-once-removed and our second cousins. My grandma introduced us over email as her niece Julie a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t make the connection that Julie is my dad’s cousin until Julie asked about him!! Duhhhhh. ANYWAY they live out in Maple Ridge so it was a pretty long trek to get there, but I’m glad we went! Their family was very friendly and nice, and their house is very beautiful, and the meal was delicious!!! We had an awesome roast beef dinner with potatoes and asparagus and strawberry salad and croissants and more! With cheesecake for dessert. Lovely.

It was also nice seeing another part of B.C. Their house had a great view. Even when we got off the bus in Port Coquitlam it felt like we were in a whole new city. The mountains were a lot closer!! Scott joked that we were now in Alberta.

I should have taken some pictures. I don’t know why I didn’t. Hopefully we stay in touch and maybe we’ll see them again this summer.

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