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February Plans

I’ll be honest… the last few weeks have been kinda bland. Just been working a lot, mostly at the hospital, but some at the data centre as well. I am tired!! But loving the paycheques. Anyway all this working is helping to lead up to the MOST AWESOME FEBRUARY EVER!!

It starts off a little early with Leslie visiting from Korea/Ottawa, our first Dine Out Vancouver meal, ladies night at Mt Seymour, and skeleton this weekend!!! If the ice is slow we may be moving up starting positions. If it’s fast then we’ll stick with lower ladies and then wait until the next weekend to move up. That weekend is also Rosemarie’s birthday. :)

Then Scott and I are flying to Toronto for a few days, then Ottawa for the rest of that week (where Rosemarie will be too). We’re cramming in seeing as much family and as many friends as possible. Plus Scott has never been to Toronto so we’ll do some touristy things as well. Is Niagara Falls fun in winter???

Then Scott and Rosemarie fly back to Vancouver and I fly to Calgary for a whole week of skeleton training! I don’t know a whole lot about what we’ll be doing there but so far it sounds like we’ll be learning to do real running starts in the icehouse, and also trying out the Calgary track. That track is slower, so we’ll be able to start from the top. So cool!

After that my calendar is blank. Haha.

PS Check out the shirt I made for Rosemarie for Christmas. WE LOVE BOB’S BURGERS. We especially love Tina. I don’t know how they keep coming up with such hilarious things for her to say… but they do… and it’s awesome.


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Stuffed Crust Pizzas

Oh my. It’s been a while since I last blogged about regular life stuff. I’ve got TONS of stuff to talk about!! The next bunch of posts might get a little random in here.

Way back in December Lesley came over for another dinner and games night. Rosemarie was still living with us at that point so we got to test out my homemade Ticket To Ride Australia with FOUR PLAYERS. It worked! But Scott and Lesley kept mixing up the yellow and green so apparently I need to do some touch-ups on the board. ;) We still need to make nice tickets as well. I’ll post the whole thing when I’m done (probably in about 8 years at the rate I’m going).

We made stuffed crust pizzas for dinner. Scott made the dough, then we stuffed the crusts with cheese strings and/or hot dogs (!!). If you make these, be sure to pinch the dough tightly shut around your stuffings so they don’t leak out. I had chopped up tons of other toppings so we could each make our own custom pizzas. Plus lots of mozzarella of course.

The pizzas came out deformed, but delicious. DIY stuffed crust works, although I would probably just stick with the cheese strings in the future, the hot dog was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too salty (who woulda guessed).

This was also the night that I learned how to make margaritas at home. My latest favourite drink EVER. On the rocks, with fresh limes. There is an Asian grocery store down the street that often sells $1 bags of slightly old limes, perfect for squeezing! Anyway due to several PITCHERS of margaritas, no other pictures were taken this evening, haha.

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Wolverine vs. Sabretooth

I made these about a billion years ago but I forgot to post them until now. They were a present for Scott’s brother. Scott picked out the pictures and I drew them. I think they turned out pretty good!

At the same time I also touched up Scott’s faded Mario shoes. Now they look fresh again (at least on the outside).

By the way, if you want a pair of custom shoes I am more than happy to do that for you. Just provide the shoes! I still haven’t managed to find a good source here in Canada.

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Exciting Changes Coming Up

Yesterday Scott and I went to view a potential new apartment. It’s a brand new condo in Vancouver with a big big big balcony. PENTHOUSE BABY! We loved it and are hoping to sign the lease this week. We will move in mid-May. Having a dishwasher and our own washer and dryer is very very very exciting for us.

I think I am finally going to upgrade my phone this week too! I’ve still been using an old 2008 Nokia hand-me-down phone from Scott’s sister and it’s been working pretty good still but now it is time to enter the world of smartphones. It will be hard to give up 5 day long battery life, and $12/month prepaid “plan” but I wouldn’t have been able to keep that up much longer if I expect to work on-call for a hospital anyway. Future Shop has a good promotion on the Nexus 4 so I’m gonna pick that up after my midterm on Tuesday I think. :D

watercolour vancouver

This website is pretty cool: http://maps.stamen.com You can make pretty watercolour versions of your neighbourhoods. I think they would look really neat printed out.


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Scott’s New Mario Shoes

I made these Mario shoes for one of Scott’s Christmas presents this year. They’re a replacement for his old pair that got ruined on a wet day. These new ones have been waterproofed, and I didn’t use that horribly runny light blue Sharpie, so they should hold up much better.

I’m pretty happy how these turned out!

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