12 Days To Go

I’m super stressed. My AHPRA certification exam is next Friday.

I’m not that worried about the stuff I’ve done in real life, or been tested on already… but I’m TERRIFIED about the stuff that I don’t even know I have to know. Like one of the questions on the practice exam was about a CT table that I never even knew existed. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

The reference list is not super helpful either as it includes about a dozen entire textbooks, and a couple dozen papers that I can’t get. Hgkjghgjjj. Edited to add: I was wrong, it has THIRTY THREE textbooks on the list. O_O

On a completely different note, I liked this quiz about boardgames. Scott and I both rated really high on Conflict and Strategy, which you (cough) might not be surprised about. Yes I do like blocking people for no personal benefit. SO WHAT. Hahaha. Let me know what your results are if you do it!

Alright, back to work.


  1. I scored high on Social Fun 73 and all it’s sub-categories, particularly Cooperation 89. Also high in Immersion 61.
    I scored low in Conflict 21 and strategy 15.

  2. Hahaha I am also the opposite of you. Very low in conflict and strategy but high in cooperation and social fun!

    Do you need academic papers? I might have access.

    1. thanks. i might send you some links if i find any papers i really need. i just took a closer look at the reference list again and it has THIRTY THREE entire textbooks on it. O_O i feel overwhelmed

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