2018 Christmas Newsletter

Merry Christmas Erryone.

We had a pretty great year.

We had a lot of visitors (Cassia + Cedric, Natasha, MEP + Paul, Jess, DTD, Jill + Joe) which was super fun. I hope that continues in 2019.

We travelled a lot (South Korea, Vancouver, various places around Victoria, Sydney, Brisbane + Noosa). Yeah, I feel very lucky. That will definitely continue in 2019. We already have a few road trips planned.

I went from working permanent part time to temporary full time to permanent full time. FINALLY. I have a really great job now that I hope to stay at for a long time. I am also very happy that I don’t have to do as much on call any more.

I still love weightlifting. I’m really not that good at it, and it hurts some times, but it’s also so fun. I had some major breakthroughs this year and continue to slowly improve. I love competing!

Scott turned 40 this year. We had a big party at our new house. I think we had about 40 guests, including 14 children, holy moly. Scott finally got the Nintendo Switch he has been so patiently waiting for.

Imma copy some of the questions that Rosemarie put in her Christmas Newsletter.

What moment in the last year would you like to rewind back to and play again to reappreciate the experience? 

The Melbourne Demons whole finals run was SO. MUCH. FUN. Also seeing Ben Folds perform at the Sydney Opera House. And watching my friends compete in the Olympics.

What moment in the last year would you like to rewind back to and edit or erase?

Smashing the side of the car into a pole in a parking garage. Also not getting more pins while we were at the Olympics (that could have funded our whole trip!!).

Did you break any personal bests/records?  In what? 

Weightlifting seems the obvious answer. Snatch: 35 kg –> 41 kg, Clean & Jerk: 46 kg –> 49 kg. That might not seem like a lot to most people, but it is to me.

What’s the best recipe you cooked all year?

Dolsot bibimbap in our stone bowl we brought back from Korea, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Favourite new thing I tried:

Rice cakes

Describe the hardest cook of your life 2018:

I’m not sure! Maybe making creme anglaise for ice cream the first time? But now it’s old hat. I didn’t cook as much this year in general though, and especially not complicated things. No time!!

Most embarrassing moment of 2018:

Failing at the ab wheel in front of a whole bunch of people. I legit screamed too because it felt like my abs were ripping into shreds.

As you carve out your life, what are the themes that are consistent from year to year? 

Struggling with finding the balance between going out and doing lots of things and also making time to do nothing, loving going to new places, eating cheese. Did I answer that correctly?

All in all, #blessed. I hope your year was also full of family, friends, travel and good food. What else do you need in life, tbh.

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