Pilgrimage To Seattle

… for ice cream.

Yes I made everyone drive to Seattle and back for ice cream.

Salt & Straw changed my life 4 years ago. I’ve been dreaming of that Almond Brittle and Salted Chocolate Ganache since then.

11:00AM. Cone #1. Almond Brittle and Salted Chocolate Ganache in a waffle cone.

We immediately followed that with¬†lunch at Glo’s. Scott and I shared the huevos rancheros. Delicious as always.

Scott drove us around to three different cider bars. Seattle has a lot of cider places!! Rose had found way more but a lot of them weren’t open on a weekday. Anyway we still went to two bars that exclusively serve ciders, and a cidery/brewery that had shuffleboard, darts, pool and more to entertain us. We spent a while there.

Evidence of us doing one non-food related thing in Seattle: going to see the Fremont troll.

We had dinner at Paseo. I think it’s changed. It used to be in my Top 3 Sandwiches Of All Time, but this time it was just ok.

And finally. 7:00PM. Cone #2.

I had the same flavour AGAIN. My first cone in the morning didn’t have a lot of ganache so I was left unsatisfied. I am happy to report the second one had plenty of ganache AND brittle. Happy Katrina.

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