A Fresh Start

Well, I’m back.

What happened? It’s kind of a long story. My old website was set to expire at the beginning of April. I didn’t renew it because I was planning on switching over to self-hosting during my March Break. Then my account got auto-renewed even though I had that disabled. I complained, and instead of WordPress refunding me money they cancelled my whole domain. Now jornakat.com is in a weird limbo period where it can’t be registered again until the registrar releases it, which could take up to 35 days. Ugh. Anyway so I decided to start a whole new website because I am impatient. Plus I kind of wanted to get away from having my name all over the place, so this is better.

Welcome to Grated Expectations!!!

I have transferred over some of my old posts but not all. I tried to get all the ones that were semi-popular posts, but didn’t bother with the day-to-day posts. They do still exist, at jornakat.wordpress.com, and that’s good enough. This is where the future will happen!

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