Weekend Nearly Over

Things I did this weekend:

  • a million assignments
  • several games of NHL12 on the PS3
  • two movies (Hugo and Young Adult)
  • breakfast pizza
  • Greek food
  • 30 Day Shred

Three midterms coming up this week. I need to study a lot!! Anatomy, applied physiology, and physics. Eugh.

The hockey video game is surprisingly fun. I actually beat Scott!!

Hugo was good, I liked it. That movie had a lot of dust, did anyone else notice that?? Young Adult was ok I guess, but frustrating. I guess that was kind of what they were going for though.

Scott made breakfast pizza tonight. We have homemade pizza every second Sunday but I was a bit bored of the usual pizza so I asked for something new. This pizza had ham, tomato, green onion, and eggs cracked on top. It was delicious!

Last night we went out for dinner. Scott won a gift certificate from the Polar Bear Swim for Stepho’s, a Greek restaurant on Davie Street. We got there around 7 pm and there was a big line, as expected. Luckily since we were just a group of 2 we got seated a lot quicker. I would not recommend going there in a big group! We ordered a lamb platter, saganaki (fried cheese), and dolmathes (rice and meat in grape leaves) to share. I enjoyed the saganaki (duh) and the flavour of the dolmathes a lot, but they were quite oily. The lamb was really big and incredibly tender. It fell off the bones. The sides (salad, vegetables, rice) were all good and it came with a lot! We didn’t finish everything.

Scott and I started the 30 Day Shred last week. It’s a quick intense workout program thingy that you can do at home. You need weights. It was a little harder today…. maybe because of last nights fried cheese. We’re done 4 of 30 days. I get soooo sweaty and I really hate the jumping parts – my calves cramp up. I hope we can complete the program but it will definitely be tough.

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