A Harsh, Surly, Forbidding, or Morbid Air

Only 5 more weeks of clinical to go! One more week of hotlab, two weeks doing PET at the BC Cancer Agency, and two relaxed weeks back at the outpatient centre. So close to done.

Still no word of any jobs though. Our class ended up being really unlucky. The union is forcing all the hospitals to switch to a 5 day/week, 37.5 hours/week schedule and it seems like no one is going to hire anyone until all this change happens. Luckily the change is supposed to be finalized by the beginning of September, but unluckily I don’t know if there is going to be as much need for casuals any more. And I would not be surprised at all if things get delayed. :'(((((((((((. Things are a little grim.

I don’t really know what Plan B is at this point. All I know is that I REALLY REALLY want a job so that 1. I can get some work experience under my belt and 2. I can afford to do skeleton this winter.

It hasn’t rained a drop at our house in 4 weeks. Almost all our plants are dead and all the grass in the city is yellow. Fantastic patio weather though! I really enjoy eating our dinner outside on the patio and it’s been great not having to worry about moving the chair cushions and stuff.

Summer is passing by quickly. A lot of it is being spent commuting. :( PS A HUGE thank you to Lesley for lending me her car for my whole hotlab rotation (I start at 6AM and can’t get to work by public transit for that time). She rules and I owe her big time.

We have been squeezing in some fun activities here and there but I’ve been horrible about taking pictures. Worst blogger ever at the moment.

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