Daily Dinners Post #15 of 26

For once I actually feel like I ate enough vegetables to not worry that people will think I don’t eat enough vegetables. Ha. By the way I eat bananas, strawberries, carrots at work almost every day. Anyway this is a pretty good collection of food this time!

We’ve been buying a head of lettuce and a head of spinach and washing and cutting it up right away. It keeps well in the fridge and that plus a few more vegetables and some grilled protein makes a very nutritious and quick dinner. I’ve really been enjoying our salad dinners out on the patio the past couple weeks.

july 14th, 2013 – prawns with citrus risotto at Dark Table

Har har har. Still funny. If you missed it, you can read about our dinner at Dark Table here.

july 16th, 2013 – steak salad

Rare enough for you?? I accidentally spent $15 on steak that day. Oops steaks are way heavier than I expected. We ate well that night, that’s for sure!!

More pictures after the jump.

july 17th, 2013 – leftover steak salad

july 18th, 2013 – pasta with sausage and carrots

july 19th, 2013 – ham and cheese grilled cheese from The Cambie

july 20th, 2013 – fancy party foods at the VGH summer party

july 21st, 2013 – green curry with tofu, zucchini, eggplant, beans sprouts, enoki mushrooms, sugarsnap peas, cilantro

july 22nd, 2013 – steak fajita

july 23rd, 2013 – bbq chicken banh mi with steamed broccoli

july 24th, 2013 – sushi special from Broadway Station Sushi

july 25th, 2013 – ham and cheese grilled cheese on sourdough with leftover steamed broccoli and do chua

july 26th, 2013 – three piece combo from Church’s Chicken

So good I made it again. With different shrimp and different mango. I think I liked the more yellow mango better than the red mango (although the red mango was prettier).

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