Awesome Gift #3 and #4: Elephant Print and Pillow Covers

My sister-in-law got me this pretty framed elephant print for my Kris Kringle gift. It’s so nice! She oh so cleverly noticed that I had pinned it on Pinterest and surprised me with it for Christmas. It’s really pretty. Thanks Jess!

Cassia got me these awesome pillow covers from Finland, as a belated wedding present. I really need to get larger pillows to put inside them, as the floppy ones I have now are not doing them justice! Anyway they match our couch very nicely and I really like them. Thank you Cassia.

Last night we went over to Brian and Morgan’s for drinks and games. They are going to Hawaii in a few days so we talked a lot about that. Now Scott and I really want to go back to Hawaii again! It was so nice there!!! I want to eat more ahi tuna.

I haven’t done too much today, but it’s ok because I still don’t have that much homework and finished it all yesterday. Scott and I did go skating though, which was fun. Scott was going a bit faster than I remember from last year by the end, so he is improving. I think we will start going skating more regularly.

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  1. Hooray! I’m a star! Too bad mine was the most boring of all the presents… I mean, nice, but your friends and family are way cleverer than me. btw last night I dreamt that I was with you and you were solving math problems and you finished them so you started making up your own. Then I got bored and went shopping. (why do I always go shopping in my dreams?)

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