Bellinis, Beer, Beach, and… Sushi

Last Thursday we had a really fun impromptu night.

It all started at 3:45 PM when I got a text message from Brian saying that they were at a bar on Granville Island with $1.59 beers and that we should join him. That’s pretty close to my work so I was first to arrive. Scott headed over too. I don’t drink beer but they also had $4 bellini slush thingies too which were very tasty.

I only planned on staying for a bit, but we were having fun and the drinks were good and more friends kept arriving so we ended up staying.

Then another friend said we should meet him at the beach so we took a funny little ferry over to English Bay and chilled there for a bit, killing time.

Brian had been recommending this all-you-can-eat sushi place for a while and when I brought it up again he said we should go RIGHT THEN. So we did.

It was only $14 but you have to wait until 9:30 PM. Ack. Anyway it was decent for all-you-can-eat sushi, but definetely no Tojo. ;) Service was pretty bad- they kept not bringing us some things (like yam tempura) and that meant Scott and Morgan had nothing to eat for a very very long time. Also they didn’t have yam rolls for some reason.

I ate lots of salmon sashimi.

It was very difficult to get home from all the way in the west end of downtown. It was a very late night for me considering it was a weeknight, plus insomnia, as usual. I was tiiiired on Friday, but I can handle it on Friday’s because I know the weekend is coming soon.

I asked Scott at the end of the night if he would rather have all-you-can-eat sushi six times or Tojo one time. He said all-you-can-eat, but I say Tojo’s. What about you?

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