CFL Night

Last Friday Scott and I went to a CFL game. We saw the BC Lions play the Hamilton Tiger Cats. I got the tickets off Craigslist as an anniversary present (paper!) for Scott. He had never been to a football game before and really wanted to go.

Gene Simmons was there for some reason. He did the coin toss, and then he left.

The first 10 minutes I had absolutely no clue what was going on. None whatsoever. Luckily Scott didn’t mind answering all my questions. Plus I got to have a hotdog with bacon and cheese, so I was happy.

The lions lost by one point. One confusing point. Why would you get a point when you miss a kick??? I’ll leave this for Scott to talk about in his blog (eventually) because IDGI.

I ended up having an OK time, although I don’t think I would pay to go again. I would go if it was free!

P.S. DID YOU KNOW cheerleaders don’t wear skirts anymore??! They just wear underwear!

On the way home a dude yelled at us from his car and it STILL makes me mad to think about it. We were crossing the road in a crosswalk at a busy intersection and he zoomed up making a left turn and yelled at us for being in the road when the red hand signal was flashing. Um, we started crossing when it was still walking man, I don’t think we are expected to get all the way across before it even starts flashing. I yelled at him. Scott told him to “Shut up, idiot” too.

I wish you got more time in situations like that. He’s the one who shouldn’t so be so close to us while we’re crossing, and I would have liked to tell him that!!! Dumb angry man.

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