Box Mania

I have to leave in a few minutes to meet Scott at the U-Haul depot but thought I’d squeeze in a quick post.

I am currently surrounded by a sea of boxes. Had no idea we had this much stuff!! Luckily our local IGA was able to give us tons and tons of nice sturdy apple boxes so I’m not too worried about fitting it in the truck. Each box has a lid and almost all of them are the same size. Luxury!

We also rented a wheel-y cart so hopefully that helps as well. I’m a bit stronger than I was when we moved in, but we’ll see how I do today.

Speaking of strong, on Tuesday I met up with my two skeleton friends and we did a skeleton training session together. Chris taught us how to do bench press, front squats, dead lifts, and power clean. We also did some core. He is a tough coach, made us do 3 minutes of planks!! I totally can’t do that yet. Also power cleans were hard. Will take a few more sessions before I get the hang of them, I think.

It is awesome that I have this friend who can teach me this stuff because I find it really intimidating to try out new things at the gym on my own. So far I’ve just been sticking to dumbbell exercises that I can learn from my library book. Chris is helping me break in to barbells!

Anyway our plan for the day is: pick up U-Haul, swing by North Vancouver to buy a patio set from Craigslist, move out of Burnaby, into Vancouver, return the truck, and have Church’s Chicken for dinner! Full day.

We won’t have internet until some time next week so I might be a bit absent through the weekend. Adios amigos!

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