Calypso Water Park, Ottawa

On Wednesday we went to Calypso water park. It was very cold (about 14ºC if I remember correctly), cloudy, and it even rained quite hard for a while. But a combination of warm water, a lot of stairs, and great company meant we still had an awesome day. There were NO LINES. I think the max time we had to wait was about 5 minutes, and really most of the time we just climbed right in. We got to try every slide, and lots more than once.

We climbed SO MANY STAIRS. It was especially apparent after climbing the new slide tower two times in a row with no breaks. Rosemarie calculated that we climbed the equivalent of about 170 stories throughout the day! OMG! No wonder my legs were all wobbly.

And here is a video of me in the Aqualoop capsule. You start the Aqualoop leaning against a wall in a little capsule, then after a quick countdown the floor drops out and you go zooming down through the 360º (kinda) loop. I, who doesn’t really get scared of things like this, found it quite stressful (but fun!).

Mandatory water park shot

The new waterslide tower. 10 stories tall!!


4 toilet slides (2 with tubes, 2 without)

Family slides are the best slides

Mega racing, and two mega wedgie inducing slides

The park was soooooooo busy. Haha

Oh and the lazy river, kids play area, and crazy wave pool were also awesome. We went in those about every 4 slides or so to warm up.

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