Crafty WIP

I decided a few weeks ago that I was wasting away too much time on the internets and I should try to do something more productive. I happen to work right across the street from a Michaels so it wasn’t hard to get a bunch of craft supplies and get started. Here are my current works in progress.

OK well this one is pretty much done, but I still need to iron and figure out what to do with it. Frame? Cardboard? Decorative pillow? (probably not the last idea).

My sisters-in-law always post lots of cute cross stitches on Instagram and they inspired me to try it. I do remember doing cross stitch at some point when I was like… 7, but I don’t think I even finished the kit that my mom gave me at the time. Cross stitch designs are pretty awesome these days… not so many cats in baskets, haha. Now I have to figure out what design to do next.

Granny stripe afghan. My mom taught me to crochet when I was little, I think I made about 3 squares and then quit. I guess I have more perseverance these days because I haven’t lost interest at all yet. This thing is massive… about 7 feet across!! King size! It’s exciting having it become more blanket-like every day. But each row takes me 30-40 minutes, so I still have a looooooong way to go.

I’ve been stopping at Michaels after every shift at work to buy another ball of yarn with a 40% off coupon. I hope I get some shifts next week because I’ve caught up and need more colours at the moment.

Australia Ticket To Ride. This project started off as just Sharpies on poster board, but then I accidentally drew a super ugmo points thingy on the side and had to paint over it to forever rid the world of its hideousness. Then when we tested it out ~some people~ couldn’t tell the difference between the yellow and green, and the orange and red, so ~apparently~ I have to redo that. And then if I’m redoing the tracks I might as well make the states look better (who makes the land part of a map blue). So basically I have to paint over the whole thing. But the water part looks pretty cool painted, so I’m excited about the whole thing. I just have to stop being so lazy and get my paints out some day.

Until next time… can someone wash my paintbrushes for me?


  1. There are so many neat cross stitch ideas out there (pinterest) but my problem is what to do with them when they are done.

    LOVE the ticket to ride board. Awesome idea!

    1. thanks lorraine!

      so far just stretching it over cardboard is winning. cheap and not too extravagant if i end up making a whole bunch more.

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