Daily Dinners #1 of 26

I resolved to take a picture of my dinner every day in 2013 and post the pictures here on my blog every second Monday. Here is the first set! Hope you enjoy. Let me know if you want any recipes or info about any of my meals.

january 1, 2013 – panang curry

january 2, 2013 – smoked salmon avocado eggs benedict

january 3, 2013 – brazillian coconut shrimp soup

more dinner pics after the jump…

january 4, 2013 – lasagna

january 5, 2013 – udon stir fry with dumplings

january 6, 2013 – roasted duck and scallion pancakes

january 7, 2013 – beans and rice, with shrimp

january 8, 2013 – wrap with prosciutto, figs, goat cheese etc.

january 9, 2013 – vegetarian stuffed eggplant

january 10, 2013 – mushroom and spinach spaghetti with meatballs

january 11, 2013 – groupon sushi dinner

january 12, 2013 – sausage chick pea pasta


  1. The Brazillian coconut shrimp soup looks so good! I’ve been on a huge soup kick lately. I made cauliflower and leek soup last night…I loved it, but I think it was just a tad too healthy for my husband, haha. This looks like a dish that we can both enjoy. I’m going to try to make something like it next week! What makes it Brazilian?

  2. You sure make some nice-looking dinners. Is it easy to make panang curry? That is easily my favourite food in the world.

    1. it’s very easy!! i use these cans of curry paste: http://importfood.com/media/cpma0406_1m.jpg
      you can get them pretty easily. maybe t&t? or those small independent asian shops seem to carry them pretty often.

      all i do is stir fry the meat & veg plus half a can of curry paste. (i freeze the other half in saran wrap), then add coconut milk near the end. serve with rice!

      half of a can of curry paste seems to be the right amount for 3-4 servings. you will die of spice if you use the whole can at once.

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