Near Death Experience and Radioactive Pâté

We’ve had below freezing weather for the past week. The other morning there was black ice everywhere. My bus skidded up to my stop, then later slid half way down a block on the hill towards work. The bus made a lot of weird noises, and then the driver had to reverse back up the hill so he could make the right turn. Terrifying! I was gripping on to the edges of my seat.

I’ve had a pretty good first week of work. My first impressions of the hospital are really good, I feel like I fit in and I like the way the department is run (so far). However I think this has a lot to do with working with a very nice tech all week. We’ll see what my opinion is after working with a scary/mean tech.

I already posted about this on Facebook but it still makes me laugh. So there is a nuc med test called a “gastric emptying test”. Basically we make some scrambled eggs in the microwave with some radioactivity mixed in with it. Then the patient eats it, and we take short pictures every 15-30 minutes for a couple hours so we can watch the passage of the food from the stomach through the intestines. We make a graph of how long it takes for the food to empty out of the stomach into the intestines and this gives the doctors some information about how that persons stomach motility is.

ANYWAY, I was reading through this nuclear medicine manual that I guess is pretty dated, because it suggested this for doing a gastric emptying test:

In vivo labeled chicken liver: 99mTc-sulfur colloid injected in wing vein of live chicken. Chicken killed, liver removed and cooked. Fed to patient as solid-phase marker.

There are a number of things about this that makes me chuckle.

  1. LIVE CHICKEN? At the hospital? PS I have actually had this confirmed that they really used to do this.
  2. INJECTING INTO WING VEIN? OMG injecting humans is hard enough!!
  3. LIVER REMOVED AND COOKED? Hahahahhahaha brb, making some radioactive chicken pâté!


I am 50% glad I don’t have to do this and 50% sad that I don’t have to do this. Hahahaha.


  1. That is so scary! We don’t have any ice in Brooklyn yet but it’s supposed to snow tonight…we’ll see. I do shamelessly watch all of those videos of people falling on ice on YouTube though…I’m sure that one day I’m going to see myself on one of those. Also, despite the description, now I could really go for some pate!

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