Daily Dinners Post #19 of 26

Back again with another daily dinners post. There’s a few restaurant meals in the mix but I didn’t talk about them much because I think I’ll make separate review posts later.

september 8th, 2013 – pesto pasta with sausage and peppers

september 9th, 2013 – pulled pork sandwich with green beans

september 10th, 2013 – alaska roll and spicy tuna roll from Sushi Garden

We picked up sushi before going to a movie… accidentally carried it sideways in Scott’s bag. Oops!! SUSHI SCRAMBLE! Still tasted delicious though. I think Sushi Garden is my new favourite cheapo sushi restaurant.

september 11th, 2013 – homemade burger with avocado and yellow sweet potato fries

september 12th, 2013 – big salad with grilled chicken

september 13th, 2013 – panang curry with chicken, peas, green beans, zucchini, eggplant

september 14th, 2013 – homemade chicken soup with homemade bread

september 15th, 2013 – big salad with grilled chicken

september 16th, 2013 – bruschetta with grilled chicken

september 17th, 2013 – assorted sushi from Sushi By Yuji

september 18th, 2013 – lasagna

september 19th, 2013 – leftover chicken soup and cheesy garlic bread

september 20th, 2013 – savoury pancake and sticky cauliflower

I like the pancake but Scott didn’t, and Scott liked the cauliflower but I didn’t. Ha.

september 21st, 2013 – chicken, crepe, steamed buns, lobster, cheesecake from Richmond Night Market

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