Daily Dinners Post #24 of 26

This post is a bit late, since we were in Hawaii last Monday. No recipes for you this week since either Scott cooked, we ate out, or we were making random meals to use up all the food we had in the house before we left.

november 17th, 2013 – cannelloni

november 18th, 2013 – sesame chicken with vegetables and rice

November 19th, 20th and 21st I was working at the data centre and forgot to take a picture of my dinner because my routine was all off. I had leftovers from the previous nights dinner.

november 22nd, 2013 – turkey pot pie

november 23rd, 2013 – olive bread with a blue cheese fried egg and sweet potato

I burned the sweet potato. Pretty gross meal tbh.

november 24th, 2013 – spicy eggplant and tofu, with peas, and rice

november 25th, 2013 – naan bread pizza with sausage, black olives, and peppers

november 26th, 2013 – spicy salmon roll, salmon nigiri sushi, and (unpictured) vegetable tempura from Sake Cafe

november 27th, 2013 – airport burger and fries from Burger King

november 28th, 2013 – shrimp burger, garlic fries, and spam musubi from Zippy’s

We struggled with finding something to eat in Kailua, Hawaii on Thanksgiving Day. After walking around for quite a while, the only thing we could find open was a restaurant called Zippy’s. It appeared to be a Hawaiian fast food chain. Everything was mediocre. Spam musubi is weird. The actual spam part of it was fine, I guess, but there was SO much rice, and the rice was really plain. I did not finish the whole thing. Had to try it though!

november 29th, 2013 – pork taco, chicken enchilada, beans, rice and chips from Maui Taco

Now this was a tasty meal. I enjoyed every bite.

november 30th, 2013 – chicken banh mi from Saigon Noodle

SO GOOD!! We remembered this Vietnamese shop from our honeymoon in Hawaii three years ago. Their sandwiches are large, cheap, tasty, and packed with vegetables. This shop takes the title of Best Banh Mi Ever, in my opinion.

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