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Wow I seriously do not want to know how many calories and grams of sodium I ate in the last two weeks. We ate out A LOT!! Someone pass me the salad please.

december 1st, 2013 – turkey banh mi from Saigon Noodle in Kailua

december 2nd, 2013 – Loaded Nuggets Munchie Box from Jack in the Box in Kailua

As I learned a few months ago, Jack in the Box started selling these Munchie Boxes after 9PM for $6 (actually $7 in Hawaii). They’re pretty much for stoners. The boxes all come with a big drink, curly fries, regular fries, two tacos, and some kind of main dish. The options are

  1. Stacked Grilled Cheese Hamburger (hamburger with a grilled cheese as a top bun)
  2. Exploding Cheesy Chicken (chicken burger with mozarella sticks and cheese sauce on it)
  3. Loaded Nuggets (chicken nuggets with cheese, ranch and bacon on top)
  4. Brunch Burger (burger with egg on a croissant)

I chose the Loaded Nuggets and it was tasty. The tacos were two-dimensional. I nearly died of food overdose afterwards. Scott and Natasha had the Exploding Cheesy Chicken. Rosemarie was smarter and just ordered a regular burger.

I will probably never eat at Jack in the Box again.

Jack In The Box Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

december 3rd, 2013 – Original Chicken Sandwich at Burger King in Honolulu

Our flight home left Honolulu airport at 11:30PM so we were at the airport very late. We didn’t realize that the food court was about to shut and were left with very very very limited options for dinner. This chicken sandwich was pretty gross but it was pretty much the only option left after 8:59PM.

december 4th, 2013 – alaska roll and spicy tuna roll, yam, potato and shrimp tempura from Sushi Garden

Rosemarie requested cheap sushi after being away from Vancouver for 1.5 years. Sushi Garden definitely hits the spot.

december 5th, 2013 – homemade falafel with tzatziki

Rosemarie made this and it was mega tasty. She says next time she will make the pitas too. BEST HOUSEGUEST EVER.

On December 6th Scott and I went to Kevin’s house for dinner. I didn’t take a picture because I was shy. They made a whole bunch of appetizers for dinner and everything was awesome.

december 7th, 2013 – quinoa with roasted vegetables, and sausage

december 8th, 2013 – spicy peanut cabbage salad and spicy chicken

december 9th, 2013 – pesto pasta bake and spicy cucumber salad

december 10th, 2013 – beans and rice with shrimp

december 11th, 2013 – slow cooker chicken and wild rice “soup” and raw carrots and cucumber

This was supposed to be a soup but turned out very very thick. Mmm glop. It still tasted fine, even though it is seriously not visually appealing.

december 12th, 2013 – ahi tuna club sandwich and fries at Joey’s

The doctors at the hospital I work at took us out for a lunch/dinner for the holidays. I had a tuna club sandwich and it was really good! The ahi tuna was pretty hefty, and just seared on the outside (the way I like it). The onion rings added crunch and the chutney and mayo sauce added even more tasty flavour. All the appetizers we ordered were really good too. I enjoyed this meal a lot.

december 13th, 2013 – hot and sour wings at The Pint

Expensive mediocre wings and a bland drink. The nacho I stole from the table next to us was the culinary highlight of the evening. Might not return.

december 14th, 2013 – microwave lasagna

To save money in Whistler we always try to bring as many meals with us as we can. This time we brought a frozen lasagna and cooked it in the microwave. We forgot to bring forks though so I had to eat it with a big knife.


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