Daily Dinners Post #4 of 26

I’m back with another daily dinners post! I can’t take much credit for these meals… Scott made dinner almost every day. Best husband ever. I’ve linked a couple recipes myself but if there is something else that catches your eye just let me know and I’ll track down the recipe from the chef.

Be sure to check out our Valentines Day meal. We went out to El Inka, a small mom & pop type place tucked into an obscure area of Burnaby. I only heard about it because it’s quite close to the hospital. Anyway it was super delicious and definitely beat out our unpleasant Valentines Day dinner from the year before. I also really like their cheese empanadas.

february 10, 2013 – roast chicken leg, green beans & sweet potato

february 11, 2013 – shrimp and okra gumbo

february 12, 2013 – spinach salad with salmon, walnuts and goat cheese

more dinner pictures after the jump…

february 13, 2013 – spinach salad with lots of leftovers in it

february 14, 2013 – fish ceviche, deep fried pork and sweet potato chips from el inka restaurant in burnaby

february 15, 2013 – leftover gumbo… wow that is not photogenic at all

february 16, 2013 – leftovers pasta with an egg cracked in it

february 17, 2013 – spicy cucumber salad with pita pizza

february 18, 2013 – lemony spinach chick pea pasta salad

february 19, 2013 – portobello burger with microwave sweet potato chips

february 20, 2013 – dragon noodles with shrimp

february 21, 2013 – spinach and artichoke lasagna

february 22, 2013 – revolutionary mac n cheese with peas

february 23, 2013 – vegetable pot pie with biscuit crust

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