Daily Dinners Post #6 and #7 of 26: L.A. AND FIJI EDITION

TADA! Here is the long awaited DOUBLE daily dinners post: Los Angeles and Fiji edition. Thanks for waiting! I hope you enjoy this post, there’s lots of new stuff and I chatted a bit.

Favourite Recipe #6: kokoda, duhhhh. I will try and make it this week I think.

Favourite Recipe #7: rorou. I doubt I would be able to make this at home though! Rose should try it at her apartment. :)

march 8th, 2013 – breakfast buffet (at Ayres Hotel in El Segundo, California)

This is actually a lie. We had popcorn for dinner at the basketball game but I didn’t want to show you a picture of that (again) so I took a picture of my breakfast at the hotel the next morning.

march 9th, 2013 – tree hugger sandwich for me and seafood skewers and broccoli for scott (at Sloopy’s Beach Cafe in Manhattan Beach, California)

march 10th, 2013 – in-n-out animal style burgers and fries and pink lemonade (near LAX, California)

(LOTS) more pictures after the jump…

March 11th didn’t exist for me.

march 12th, 2013 – some kind of spicy pizza (at Bad Dog Cafe in Suva, Fiji)

march 13th, 2013 – pumpkin curry and seared ahi tuna (at Rose’s apartment in Suva, Fiji)

march 14th, 2013 – kokoda and toast (at Rose’s apartment in Suva, Fiji)

Kokoda is my new favourite food. Lime cooked white fish in coconut milk with all sorts of fresh veggies in it. OM NOM NOM.

march 15th, 2013 – fish burger and fries (in Suva, Fiji)

Rose had parrot fish!

march 16th, 2013 – fijian bbq dinner (at Beachouse on the Coral Coast, Fiji)

march 17th, 2013 – tandoori pizza (at Horizon Beach Backpacker Resort in Nadi, Fiji)

march 18th, 2013 – some kind of salty fish, a crispy potato, mixed veggies (at Oarsmans Bay Resort in the Yasawas, Fiji)

march 19th, 2013 – spicy chicken, beans, cabbage, some kind of weird potato (at Oarsmans Bay Resort in the Yasawas, Fiji)

Oh how the Norwegians sweated and turned red at this meal. I guess Norweigan food is not very spicy? Only me and the American dude were able to eat it. LOL.

march 20th, 2013 – walu in tomato sauce with beans and mashed potatoes (at Octopus Resort in the Yasawas, Fiji)

march 21st, 2013 – bbq dinner (at Octopus Resort in the Yasawas, Fiji)

march 22nd, 2013 – veggie curry, chicken curry, cole slaw, papadam (at Beachcomber Resort in the Mamanucas, Fiji)

march 23rd, 2013 – margarita pizza (at Horizon Beach Backpacker Resort in Nadi, Fiji)

FYI if you order this pizza at Horizons it costs $10. If you order this pizza at Smugglers you pay $20 and the waitress goes over to Horizons, picks it up and brings it over to Smugglers. They are 10 m apart. Hahaha.

march 24th, 2013 – liz’s sesame cashew stir fry (at Safari Lodge on Nananu-i-Ra, Fiji)

march 25th, 2013 – packaged kidney bean curry on pasta (??!) with cucumber (at Safari Lodge on Nananu-i-Ra, Fiji)

Backpacker style!

march 26th, 2013 – naan, veggie samosas, improved butter chicken, fish curry (at Ashiyana Restaurant in Suva, Fiji)

This was very delicious. I wish we had been able to convince more people to brave the rain and eat with us because everything on the menu sounded delicious!!! I wanted to try more!

march 27th, 2013 – grilled cheese and delicious juice (at Tubakula Resort on the Coral Coast, Fiji)

march 28th, 2013 – NOTHING

The power went out and I didn’t have anything to light the stove with. Good thing I wasn’t hungry anyway. What a sad sad night.

march 29th, 2013 – beef stew, potatoes, mixed veggies, plus vegetable soup (at Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji)

march 30th, 2013 – fijian bbq dinner including rorou, lovo potatoes, and crackling (at Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji)

Rorou is Rosemarie’s favourite Fijian food. It’s the green mushy stuff at 12 o’clock in that picture. It’s made from dalo leaves and probably lots of cream, garlic and salt. I liked it a lot too. The lovo potatoes weren’t lovo’d enough… they were very hard.

march 31st, 2013 – steak and cheese pie (at Nadi Airport in Nadi, Fiji)

march 31st, 2013 – trader joe’s southwest salad (at the Hilton LAX in Los Angeles, CA)

I left Fiji on the night of the 31st and arrived in LA in the afternoon of the 31st. So… two dinners!

And now I might as well just continue with the last few meals at home so I can get back to regular scheduling.

april 1st, 2013 – chicken pasta

april 2nd, 2013 – vegetarian chilli

april 3rd, 2013 – breakfast quesadillas

april 4th, 2013 – asparagus grilled cheese on sourdough bread

april 5th, 2013 – spinach dip and baguette courtesy of lesley, and goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped asparagus

Stuffing the goats cheese into the bacon wrapped asparagus was a bit of an experiment. I couldn’t find any recipes online that actually did that… most people seem to just sprinkle the goats cheese on top after it’s cooked. Anyway the experiment was a success! Those were some tasty bundles.

april 6th, 2013 – spicy chicken and sweet potato stew

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