Daily Dinners Post #9 of 26

I find it pretty funny that our very responsible dinner of waffles is now front and centre on this blog post. I can’t get away with anything when I’m posting my dinners every day for an entire year, haha! There were some nice healthy recipes towards the end of the fortnight though.

Favourite recipe #9: artichoke and asparagus quinoa with feta and chickpeas

PS I’ve also included a bonus recipe link for zucchini brownies about half way through this post.

april 21st, 2013 – belgian waffle with strawberries and frozen yogurt

Pfft. Who needs dinner. We ate waffles for dinner because we are ADULTS. Not.

april 22nd, 2013 – fish salad with a tortilla on the side

This was supposed to be in a burrito, but the tortillas were all mangled and ripped so we had to eat the components separately. It was a bit of a sad dinner, but the panko breaded fish was nice! (I had another piece of fish underneath the cheese, btw).

april 23rd, 2013 – peri peri chicken with sweet potato fries, peas and corn

More pictures after the jump…

april 24th, 2013 – philly cheese steak sandwich at Wings

april 25th, 2013 – veggie pita pizza

april 26th, 2013 – pasties

Scott asked his mum for her pasties recipe and then made them for us! They had beef, potato, and veg inside puff pastry. I requested cheddar in mine. :D They were very nice.

april 27th, 2013 – snacks at lesley’s house

We went to Lesley’s house to play games and ate a mish-mash of snacks for dinner. We had artichoke dip and party mix and rice krispie squares, and I made zucchini brownies (not pictured). I thought they were a little weird because I could still smell the zucchini, but Lesley and Scott really liked them!!

My beloved mac n cheese. Seriously I love it so much.

april 29th, 2013 – golden rice bowl

april 30th, 2013 – potato pancakes and steamed asparagus

may 2nd, 2013 – shrimp and beans and rice

may 3rd, 2013 – half an avocado combo and half a yam roll from Broadway Sushi

may 4th, 2013 – spaghetti bolognese

Scott was carbo-loading for his half marathon that was yesterday! Why anyone would want to run for nearly 2 hours straight is a mystery to me. Now he is hobbling around the apartment. Think “foam rolling” on a wine bottle would work??

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