Next Week Is Going To Be Different

What I have spent this week doing:

  • dreaming about our new apartment (we signed the lease on Monday night!)
  • playing with my new phone (I <3 it)
  • watching The Voice (WHYYYYYYY????)
  • watching hockey (GO SENS GO)

What I really should be doing:

  • studying for midterms (“mid”terms)
  • studying for finals (barf)
  • finishing homework (barf)
  • chores at home (ugh)

I’m going to have to hide my computer/phone this weekend and next week though because if I don’t my grades are seriously going to plummet. It’s been extra hard to pay attention at school all day because instead of labs we now just have extra hours of lectures and that is really tedious. 4+ hours of one subject in a day is too much.

Just gotta make it through classes next week and exams the week after that!!

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