Fireworks and Some Food Pics

We went to watch the Celebration of Light fireworks with Zsofi and Dylan last night. We got a great spot and had a little picnic with lots of fruit and cheese. It was a good show.

Don’t you think fireworks should have advanced further than they have by now? Everything else in the world is getting faster, cooler, fancier, yet the most complex firework they have is still that dumb smiley face one. Yeesh. I think they should be able to spell out words or make pictures by now!! I hope by the time I die I will have seem them recreate Starry Night in firework form.

Some other stuff I haven’t shown you yet!

Chocolate hazelnut tart from Death By Chocolate that Scott and I split the other night. Reminded me of the hazelnut pie I made a couple years ago. (I never made it again because just the hazelnuts cost me like $10!!)

Crepes of Wrath’s Simple Salmon Tartar. Totally delicious. I already want to eat this again.

Well I declared today CRAFT DAY so I’d better get off the computer and do something DIY.

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