My Best Foods From The Past Month Or So

I made sushi last week. My best ever!! Mine had salmon, avocado, cucumber and yam. OM NOM NOM. We bought a mondo bag of sushi rice so I guess there will be a lot more homemade sushi in the near future. :)

Rosemarie came over yesterday. I made a chicken pot pie while she did some school work. I used all fresh veggies, but I did not make the crust since we don’t have a food processor to make dough. Anyway I used a Pillsbury crust that came rolled up (not frozen), and it was quite nice. I followed this recipe, more or less.

I also made two mini ones to freeze for later. :D

I also made a rainbow cake last week. Cake mixes were on sale at No Frills for 99 cents so I grabbed a box of French Vanilla. I dyed the batter all different colours in separate bowls and then just drizzled them randomly into the pan. I made my own icing but didn’t have enough icing sugar (HOLY COW icing uses A LOT of sugar!!!) so it was a bit runny…. but it kinda soaked into the cake and that was actually delicious. I topped the cake with rainbow chocolate chips because I am 5.

Mmmmmm cake.

I also tried Budget Bytes Summer Vegetable Tian. In the winter. Yep. It was tasty, like of all of her recipes. I think her blog might be my favourite food blog of them all! It’s all about making nice food on a budget (duh). Anyway I put slices of potato, sweet potato, tomato, zucchini, and eggplant, with lots of herbs, and a little cheese on top.

Other food success stories without pictures:

Mirza Ghasemi, a Persian eggplant dish with TONS O’ GARLIC. Verrrry tasty, just don’t breathe on anyone after. We ate it with rice. I really liked this dish, the flavour was different than everything else I cook. I recommend trying this one if you like eggplant a lot like we do.

Jalapeno Popper Quiche, turned out great. Next time I would add a lot more jalapenos.

Savoury Fruit Stuffing. Bit late for this I suppose, but I forgot to post it. This is the stuffing I made at Thanksgiving. It was SO GOOD. OK as usual I changed things: not as much onion as it said, veggie stock powder + rosemary + thyme instead of the herbs it said (didn’t have sage), and no orange peel.

Oven-fried onion rings. I had major trouble getting anything to stick on to the onions, but the parts that did were SUPER crunchy and delicious


  1. icing DOES use a lot of sugar. and here they sell it in these bottles and it is clearly only for sprinkling so it has this tiny little hole and i have to spend ages banging the bottle to get it out. ARGHH Spain. I think I will bring back an entire suitcase full of food, including icing sugar, molasses, peanut butter, brown sugar, maple syrup, and every spice that isn’t paprika or saffron cause that’s all they use in Spain.

    1. haha yeah i was stirring the icing and it just kept getting smaller and smaller, like two cups of sugar turned into like 4 tbsp of icing!! insane!

      spain doesn’t have brown sugar?? why not??!

      scott and i have talked about bringing a suitcase of canned black beans back to australia haha.

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