Fully Stocked Cupboards

I’m on holiday!!! And it feels great.

My feelings exam was fine. She made us do the short answer question before the multiple choice, which was really odd. She actually made us hand in the short answer questions mid-way through the exam, so you couldn’t even use the multiple choice for hints if you forgot everything, haha.

After our exam we all went to Crystal Mall (an Asian mall near my house) for lunch. I had a beef noodle soup in a clay pot. Sodi-YUM!

Scott came home on Friday. I made him a chocolate birthday cake and a ham dinner with lots of stuffing. (It was his birthday on Thursday). I gave him a Canucks hoodie before he left, and a pair of winter gloves (finally!) when he came back.

He brought me sooooooooo many treats!! Five different kinds of Tim Tams, Freddo frogs, my world maps bathing suit, Savoys (thanks Vicky!). He even brought me a piece of hazelnut cake from Ganache (where we got our wedding cake!).

me enjoying a piece of wedding cake for breakfast dessert

PLUS he ran to Trader Joe’s on his stopover in L.A. and brought back tons of stuff from there too!! I am so spoiled!!! The airport security took the spekuloos cookie butter though because they were hungry it is a “liquid”. What a bummer. I still don’t know what that stuff tastes like.

the Tim Tam portion of my stash

I’ve hid everything that is still sealed away in the cupboard because it’s too many treats to have at once. I will ration it out over the next several months.

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