Seven Updates

It’s kind of crazy that it’s only been 3 days since I last posted yet I have so much I want to say.

1) I wrote my last difficult exam this morning. It was kind of horrible. Luckily I only have one more easy(ish) exam to go and then I’m DONE this semester!! I will spend all tomorrow memorizing feelings stuff and then Thursday around lunch time I will be officially on winter break.

2) We decided that Scott isn’t going to come to Fiji. :( It sucks, but Scott has another family wedding to go to next July. (I can’t go, again, because I have clinical). We agreed that it is only really responsible for him to go on one of the two trips, and he chose Australia. He also wouldn’t be able to get enough time off work for both even if we did sacrifice some of our savings. He IS still going to join me for the L.A. portion of my trip though, which is awesome.

3) I bought the LAX-NAN-LAX part of my flights! And now I will pretty much have my fingers permanently crossed until the trip is over. Fingers crossed that BCIT doesn’t go on too long of a strike, the hospitals don’t go on too long of a strike, my flights don’t get delayed/changed, it doesn’t rain the entire time I’m in Fiji, etc etc. I just keep reminding myself what Kate told me a while back: things generally work out for me. I suppose she is right. ;)

4) I found $8 Santa suits for Santa Skiing!! And there is skeleton the day after Santa Skiing! (BEST WEEKEND EVER COMING UP)

5) Ginger cookie fro yo sandwiches are a really freaking delicious dessert.

6) Scott gets home on Friday! Finally!

7) Sounds like Rosemarie had a great time in Melbourne. I made her a big list of all my favourite things to do there and I think she actually did each thing on the list! It must have been a really fun week and I’m so glad that Scott was able to (and is nice enough to) spend so much time hanging out with my sister. You can read her blog here:

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