Gross Valentine’s Day Dinner at Dona Cata’s

We continued our tradition of Mexican food for Valentine’s Day, but it wasn’t a good experience this year. We went to Dona Cata, a restaurant that someone from the Vancouver Livejournal community recommended to me last year. It was supposed to be really tasty and authentic.

We each ordered something that was basically a plate of mixed up meat and vegetables and cheese that comes with corn tortillas on the side.

Ugh it was SO greasy. Scott’s chicken was also extremely bland and flavourless.

I don’t know, maybe the food was more like what regular Mexican people eat for dinner at home? Maybe the issue was that it was TOO authentic for us? I’m not sure. I missed guacamole and beans and rice. :( I felt like we would have had a nicer meal had we just cooked our own dinner at home.

The service was also really slow, which was unfortunate because I was hoping for a quick dinner so I could get home and study more. It ended up taking a pretty long time, and then when I got home I felt so gross and greasy that I didn’t even do much more school work. Luckily the midterm still went extremely well today.


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