GUEST POST: Rosemarie Goes to Squamish

Hello everyone! I’m Rosemarie (Katrina’s sister). If you don’t know me, I go to school at Simon Fraser University. Since I am at school for most of the year, I won’t be posting as often (studying is not very interesting to blog about).

I had been feeling antsy this year to see more BC nature, but had been finding myself so busy with school and other things to be able to do anything. When my friend Adam from SFU offered to let me stay at his place in Squamish for a week after exams, there was no way I could refuse.

Day 1: Mountain biking up to Alice Lake. This was the first time I’ve tried mountain biking…my verdict is that the uphill trek is definitely worth the ride downhill! It is kind of like playing MarioKart but in real life!

Day 2: The second day we hiked the Chief, which is a really big rock face that people normally rock climb on. We had amazing weather, but I’m not too sure about the whole ‘hiking mountains’ thing. Every time you think you see the top, and then you get there, I realize there is a another huge part that I have to go up to to get to the peak. Errrghhh. The top part was really cool though, they have ladders and chains set up to help you up the last part. Real-life high ropes course! (I AM SO LAZY)

Day 3: Wednesday was mostly reserved for letting my shaking calves recover (I am weak), but we still managed to go swimming at the public pool and go in the hot tub.

Day 4: Skiing at Whistler with Adam’s other friend and a few others. Even though it was almost May, the top half of the mountain was exactly the same as when I was there in February. We were lucky enough to have the whole mountain to ourself and be skiing through knee-deep powder! It was even snowing in the village.

Day 5: A quick trip to tour Quest University and what every good trip has to end with, SUSHI. Mmmmm. (FUN FACT: I turn on ‘face detection’ on my camera when I take gnome pictures… ahahaha it recognizes the gnome’s face.)

I’m looking forward to exploring even more of BC in the fall. My friend has invited me to visit her house on Salt Spring Island and I hope to try outdoor rock climbing with the Outdoors Club. I’m really looking forward to another study semester and then a co-op term in the spring.

I had a great year at SFU this year; I think this summer will be good as well. I’m going to be working this summer at Statistics Canada. I’m looking forward to BluesFest and riding the Aqualoop (!!!).

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