Identify My Flower Plant

More summer market stuff. A big bucket of local strawberries and raspberries, a loaf of potato and honey bread (can’t taste the honey at all though), yellow/regular zucchini, and a plant.

What kind of flower is this? I have no idea but it was only $1.50 and it’s nice and sunny in Vancouver now so I thought I would have a go at growing it.

I made strawberry yogurt popsicles. I didn’t measure but it was basically a cup of plain yogurt, a bunch of frozen strawberries and a tablespoon of sugar blended up and poured into my popsicle mold. They turned out really yummy! Much better than my strawberry lemonade popsicles I made before where all the flavour sunk down to the tip of the popsicle mold.


  1. It’s a fushia plant. I have one too but darker pink. Very sad that Amina is gone, but now I want Kylie to win!

    1. oo cool. i hope it lasts for a while!

      yah kylie is my favourite too now. she is pretty awesome at a lot of different types of food!

  2. It is an annual, so if you plant in a planter and dead head frequently you should have blooms for quite a while. It likes partial shade.

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