Insomnia, Exercise, and Count Downs

I haven’t been sleeping well for the past week or so. I lie down and my mind just races. I think it’s because of a combination of having 500 things on my To Do list, and also having so much exciting stuff to look forward to!

  • 2 days until the end of this school rotation!
  • 24 days until skeleton!
  • 30 days until Scott and I go to L.A.!
  • 34 days until I am in the same country as my sister (FIJI!!!)
  • 52 days until family reunion!
  • 100 days until I’m finished school!
  • 205 days until I’m finished BCIT!!

The week right before my big trip is going to very hard. So far we have 4 midterms scheduled, a big assignment for our online class, and a huge paper due within one week. I can’t really complain though because this is very good news for my holiday… so far it looks like I won’t have to do a single piece of work while I’m gone for 3 weeks!! YAHOO!!! That makes it ALL worth it.

Scott and I have been a lot more active lately. Scott has been running almost every day for the past couple months, and I just joined a gym last week and have gone a bunch of times already. I found a good place to go that is really close to our house so it’s pretty easy to work it in to my daily routine. I’ve been lifting weights and doing cardio. The weights are so I will be totally ready for skeleton next year, and the cardio is good for my fast heart.

I figure if I write about it all on here, that will keep me motivated because I don’t want you guys to yell at me if I get lazy again!

PS I thought exercise was supposed to help you sleep but it’s not really working for Scott OR I. Yeesh.

PPS I am nominated for a 2013 Homie Award in the Healthy Cooking Blog category. I don’t really expect to make it to the next round, but it’s been pretty neat to get so many new views from people checking out all the blogs. It would mean a lot to me if you voted for me as well to keep me up near the top of the list. :D You have to register but it only takes 5 seconds. THANK YOU!!!


  1. by fast heart do you mean high heart rate? why is cardio good for that? i have a slow heart, my heart rate and blood pressure are right on the lower limit of “normal”. Pablo’s is even slower at 40 beats per minute! which is crazy!

    1. yeah fast heart rate! my heart rate is always like 90+!!! my blood pressure isn’t high at all though so i’m not TOO worried or anything though. but stressing my heart a bit with exercise will force it to get better and beat slower and more strongly, which is more ideal.

      i had a patient like pablo once! 35 bpm… i was like “is your heart always this slow??” i wish i had followed up on that patient because since he was so slow they prob would have wanted to get his heart rate up to like 180 in the stress lab (it’s based only on age) but no waaaay could someone raise their heart beat like 5x from resting!!!

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