Daily Dinners Post #3 of 26

It definitely wasn’t a perfect fortnight… there are some very non-nutritious meals in here. Just being honest, I guess.

I AM going to include some recipe links this time because there were a few winning dishes in between all the crap. :D

january 27, 2013 – spinach and artichoke lasagna

january 28, 2013 – thai lemon shrimp with rice and peas

january 29, 2013 – homemade fish and chips, with salad

more dinner pics after the jump…

january 30, 2013 – black bean burrito

january 31, 2013 – vegetarian spaghetti

february 1, 2013 – homemade minestrone and garlic bread

february 2, 2013 – salmon sushi bowl

february 3, 2013 – yeah……

february 4, 2013 – rice and beans and shrimp (DO NOT ADD SALT!!)

february 5, 2013 – shared an avocado combo and a yam tempura roll with scott

february 6, 2013 – scrambled eggs with a slice of homemade bread

february 7, 2013 – tofu vegetable stir fry

febuary 8, 2013 – panago butter chicken pizza and a breadstick

I could eat that mac n cheese for the rest of my life. It’s SOOOOO good. I don’t use canned pumpkin though, I just cut a small butternut in half and roast for around 40 minutes and scrape it out and use that. HIGHLY¬†RECOMMEND¬†THIS RECIPE.

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  1. i think your usual dinners are nutritious enough that a chips dinner one night won’t result in scurvy. i am curious about that macncheese but apples? also, roasting pumpkin and caramelizing onions is so time consuming….

    1. it’s worth all the time!! it’s one of those meals where you can taste all the work you put in to it and it’s like a flavour explosion in your mouth, haha. so good. i add the apple right near the end so it doesn’t get cooked and is still somewhat crunchy.

  2. Hahahaha chips! #studentdiet

    I’m actually really impressed with the variety in meals you have. I don’t have the time to figure out new recipes (and grocery shop), and so I usually just have the same few meals on rotation.

    1. if it was up to scott we’d probably just eat the same thing every week. but i like eating new stuff all the time. and new recipes are one of my hobbies i guess. seems like we’ve been eating a lot of rice and beans lately tho!!

  3. these pictures now excite me to cook more instead of make me sad about what i can’t make. i now have an oven! and a microwave! and a toaster! and another oven! and a gas stove! and a rice cooker! and a kettle! when katelin and i combine everything we have quite a bit. and avocadoes are in season!!! two kinds!!! NOM NOM NOMMMMS

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