Life Update

Scott and I bought tickets to Australia! We are going from March 28th to April 15th. We got a fantastic deal on flights. It’s been more than four years since I’ve been there so I’m super excited. I haven’t even met Seth yet and he’s like a grown up boy now! And we’ll see April for the first time as well. :) Other than visiting family, some things I really want to do there: visit Cassia, visit Rae, see all my old Aussie friends, watch footy, eat Tim Tams, eat Savoys, have another piece of wedding cake (not literally, just the same type)… lots more that is escaping me at the moment.

Oo and Scott passed his citizenship exam. Now we just wait for the letter notifying us when the ceremony will be. We are totally having a Canada party.

This week was a good fitness week. I did four yoga classes! Despite having a yoga instructor mom, this was the first time that I went to yoga. I like it so far. I also went to the gym with Rosemarie one day so we could do her fitness assessment. Verdict: we are not very good at pushups.

I have also signed up for barbell weightlifting club. I will go once a week to learn how to do the Olympic lifts (clean and jerk, snatch) and improve my other lifts like deadlifts and power clean. Hopefully all this helps me get a little more powerful for my skeleton starts.

I am being very optimistic and hoping hoping hoping I get to move up to the top of Whistler early this season. However who knows what is going to actually happen this season because our old coach quit (to coach the national team in Calgary) and we have no idea who he is going to be replaced with. Fingers crossed it’s someone who will continue to work with us in-between sliders who are not quite just recreational and not quite provincial.

The Whistler season is set to start on November 12th, by the way.


  1. Oh goodie – if you are going to see Cassia then you are going to see me!! She will be living in Adelaide WITH us!! :) … not JOe -he won’t be back from Africa.

    Hopefullly by then we will have bought a house (with my Mother’s $$s – for her to live in the bottom) and we will still be renting this so there will be TONS of room for you BOTH to come for a visit … to the Dock!! :)

  2. Yoga’s great! I think you’ll like it!! Have you tried hot yoga? It feels sooo good afterwards… You just have to push past the first class when you feel like you’re going to die and you sweat out of places like your shins!!!

    1. yeah so far i like yoga a lot. i did try hot yoga a few times but i hated it!!! so hard!! i felt so dizzy and awful the whole time. and i drenched an entire beach towel every time. maybe once i can do the poses better normally though i would like hot yoga more though

      1. I think it’ll be easier when you’re used to it! If you do I’d recommend drinking water but NOT using your towel until after the class. Except maybe on your hands so you don’t slip haha. Staying sweaty helped me stay wayyyy cooler!

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